To our beyond valued customers, regulars, beta testers and friends. It’s no secret the challenges we have all faced during this pandemic. Although we have endured our own hardships, I think we can all agree that Covid sucks.
The Panic Factory will be regrettably shutting down. Ray and I have given each other pink slips and laid each other off.
Ray took it well, but am positive I saw him write something nasty on the bathroom wall about me. I myself walked out gracefully with the company water cooler and stapler.
We can both assure you that this decision was not easy.
The Panic Factory was dreamt up by a couple of friends who grew tired of the every day grind.
Life is too short to hate what you do for 60% of it.
We wanted to bring you the very best and strived to do so.
We spent countless hours designing,building and even slept overnight to bring you exciting and immersive experiences to share with your loved ones and friends. We were able to enjoy those experiences with you, the teamwork the fun and laughs, even the stress and the scares. We got to do all that by creepily watching you from the back room cameras.
We threw parties, and parking lot events. Made ridiculous contests, commercials and advertisements. Wrote and designed marriage proposals. We brought a monster truck to a local Santa Clause Parade, we dressed up the terminator for every holiday and even made him employee of the month for a year straight. We collaborated with the most astounding and brilliant escape enthusiasts to bring you an escape event on an actual moving train. We were introduced to a community of other escape room owners who could send a message to other competing industries. You can work together, you can be friends and you can all benefit.
We are leaving, and it is heartbreaking.
But we are leaving with a lifetime of memories. You will never know the excitement we had when we saw your names pop up in our booking software.
We met more strangers who would become some of our favourite friends and regulars.
We really loved what we did. But it was only because of your feedback and enthusiasm that made it worth it.
(Also your money, thank you for the money)
Life is a book, it’s made of chapters.
This chapter is closing, But man what a chapter it was.
You all made the Panic Factory memorable for us. We can only hope we made some memories for you.
Our sincerest thanks for supporting us on this fun endeavour.
Rick and Nay
P.S. If the world is suddenly taken over by robots, it has nothing to do with us firing the Terminator.


All bookings are private

(we don’t make you play with strangers)





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